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Everyone can succeed miraculously. We live in a time when the only boundaries to success are those we place on ourselves. But the really great things in life, that we can’t explain aren’t a lottery where we buy a wishful ticket..and hope. We have to create the proper conditions where miracles happen every time. In fact, Jess Clifford will be the first person to tell you that, miracles in marketing are not realized through passive intentions or wishful belief alone. Jess is living proof that miracles are not only real in business as well as life, but that they work by principles that can be understood and mastered.

Jess is an author, professional speaker, successful businessman, and a marketing coach who has begun at the bottom and risen to unbelievable success over and over again. He has worked for fortune 500 Corporate America, started and run 2 businesses of his own and worked with clients in every industry imaginable for over 2 decades to get their marketing booming. From his own personal experience of what works and what doesn’t, Jess has developed a system for businesses that supports them through the process of taking visionary concepts from belief to purpose-driven, actionable marketing strategies which are aligned with their unique way of delivering value. Most recently, Jess founded Jess Clifford Marketologies, a coaching organization dedicated to supporting business leaders in successfully addressing their marketing problems.

Jess has also run as a candidate for public office and has been a volunteer leader in various youth organizations most of his adult life and loves the out doors. Jess lives with his wife, Erin, of 21 years, and their six children in Tooele, Utah.

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• Mindset, Mission, Message and Methods – The Four M’s of miraculous marketing
• The Art and Science of Customer Attraction
• Marketing Systems Automation
• The Mechanics of Making a Miracle – in business and life
• Mastering Personal Performance and Emotional Wisdom
• The Science of building rapport, trust and sales now

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