E-letterMaking Marketing Miracles with Your Website – A Practical Guide

The Making Marketing Miracles with Your Website – Practical Guide is a powerful step-by-step guide for the technically challenged and those who have other things to do besides constantly experiment with their websites.  This system systematically walks you through each aspect of overhauling your existing website or planning a new one in order to make it preform with gusto. The system uses an easy to follow check list format with loads of in-depth information and tips along the way.  It’s like having a live coach next to you to guide you through the questions and steps that must be addressed to insure that your web presence is doing the right things, at the right time, in front of the right audience.

This no-nonsense, self-paced guide will walk you through specific steps to take in order to:

  • Bring powerful focus, clarity and purpose to your online presence.
  • Strengthen your online brand and identity.
  • Build instant credibility on your web site.
  • Transform your content into messages that motivate your visitors to act.
  • Get more sales, leads or other desired results from you web site right now.
  • Removing barriers that prevent users from becoming customers.
  • Getting your website in front of the right audience and prospects for free.
  • Make simplified sense of all the social media and other web features available and identify which ones are worth your time and which are not according to your unique situation.
  • Learning why most of what you’ve been told about marketing online is dead wrong and will actually hurt your efforts.  You’ll  learn about 5 traps when marketing online and how to avoid them (your probably doing at least 2 of them right now).

Best of all, this program was created for new and small businesses, so whether you are working with someone else to manage your website or doing it yourself, all of the suggestions and guides in Marketing Miracle Websites Analyzer are easy to follow and can be done without spending a dime on subscriptions, expensive services or paid advertising.

What The Making Marketing Miracles with Your Website Guide is not
  • A web development service
  • Another cheap read about keywords or getting to the top of Google
  • A technical how-to manual for web developers and net geeks
  • A program that assumes you have a lot of time to spend.
  • A one-way-to succeed system that has little respect for the way you deliver value. Your business is unique and we know that its approach online must be as well.

If you’re not a Facebook junkie or a web-tech and are struggling with an under-performing web site, or are considering putting one up and can’t afford to wait and learn the hard way, this is for you.

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