So what do you do…really?

Have you ever tried to put your hand through a sheet of paper?  Experience and common sense tells us that there’s a right and wrong way to do it.  Despite how thin and fragile paper is, its amazing how much resistance it gives when you push with the palm of your hand. Getting through quickly and effortlessly requires using the tip of your finger.  Applying your strength to a single point of focus can mean the difference between a sudden break through and a lot of work over nothing.

Despite how familiar this little exercise is to all of us, it’s amazing how many business owners approach marketing with the “palm of their hand”.  They’ve seen other break-throughs and the market seems thin enough to penetrate so they try being all things to all people and wonder why they can’t get a break after working so hard. Worse yet, some loose their focus all together in the fray. They forget what it is that they actually do under the pressure of trying to “make something happen”.

Working miracles in marketing requires laser-like focus.  It requires more than a simple product or service description.  It requires knowing what your driving purpose is.

Your purpose is your cause.  It’s the thing that was important enough to you for you to choose to go into business doing it.  It transcends money, comforts and things.  It’s what you where born to do. It’s what you want to be able to say is true in the world because you do what you do.

The answer to this question is critical because it determines the answers to so many other questions down the line, such as who benefits from what you do, how to reach them or whether to offer a new product or service. It even drives what your policies and processes will be.  It is also the one thing that’s strong enough to see you thorough the challenges, changes and bumps in the road along the way that come with the territory for everyone.

So stop what your doing right now and ask yourself, “what is my driving purpose?”.  When you have that answer ask “why?”.  Then take that answer and do it again and again until you come down to bedrock of your own personal truth.  When you have it, write it down and display it prominently.  You’ve just laid the first stone in a foundation for unyielding success that will stand the test of time.

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