• Before Jess helped out, my marketing efforts were fragmented and fairly scattered, with predictable results. Jess’ work with my company helped focus our message, and provided a realistic road map to a level of marketing effort that was sustainable, both financially and also the amount of time it required from me. Jess has a real understanding of the challenges of a small business environment and will propose actions that fit within that context.–John Fry, Basix

  • When I first started my business, I had no idea how I was going to make it happen nor did I contemplate the myriad of possibilities available to do so. Jess helped me put everything into perspective, fine-tune my mission plan, my goals, and even the end result of what I wanted to accomplish by directing my focus on asking the right questions that would take my business to the next level. Jess presented me with the best marketing strategies for my product and best of all, He made everything easy for me to understand which helped me to feel like I was in control. I recommend Jess Clifford Marketologies to anyone who is looking to make a dream a successful reality. Thank you Jess for all of your time and expertise in the past and in the coming future. –Leslie Rogers, GiggleQuick.com

  • Jess Clifford helped me make my website to be the best ever. With an amazing spirit of creativity, Jess captured the vision, the mission , the flavor and also the strong history and heritage behind the product. He listened to my dream, believed in me and then helped me work through the details of making it real in ways I could understand and afford. Thanks to Jess Clifford Marketologies, my Pili-Pili sauce travels from the manufacturer factory to tables around the world giving my customers the ultimate African experience. Thank you Jess! –Cathy Lokemba, Mama Africa

  • Before working with Jess, we had a key account that wasn’t performing the way we needed it to. Jess took the time to understand our business and where we wanted to go with the account. His ability of explaining things and asking the right questions made the solution easy to see and execute. Jess took us through the steps of discovering the solution and then helped us implement it in a way that not only got things back on track but improved our service across the board. Thanks Jess, for being so great to work with! –Sheri Holt, WIN Management

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